Skopje, 07. – 09.11.2016; Curriculum globALE workshop for DVV International staff and experts involved in its implementation from around the world was held in Skopje from 07th to 09th of November. Lifelong Learning Center was a host of the event which was financed by DVV International from Bonn.

On the workshop participated international practitioners of Curriculum globALE from Croatia, Kosovo, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and Palestine. Different implementation practices of Curriculum globALE by countries were exchanged. Representatives from Country offices of DVV International have elaborated on different phases of implementation in each of the countries, good practices and challenges they faced during implementation of the programme.  Authors of the programme from German Institute of adult education - DIE and DVV International have introduced new modifications and the programme. DVV International elaborated on the established principles of implementation, evaluation and improvements with regards to Guidelines. The improvements that German institute of adult education - DIE and DVV International work on are based on evaluations and feedback from the implementation of the programme worldwide.

Working groups have addressed challenges, new projects and visions on how Curriculum globALE should affect the quality of the adult education worldwide. International network of the experts in Curriculum globALE, Curriculum globALE international platform, certification processes, modes of application in national systems of adult education were outcomes of the workshop.

During the workshop international participants had opportunity to get acquainted with Macedonian culture. 

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