Slovenia 23. - 27.05.2016; Main emphasis of projects’ macro level related activities, are put on support for development of National System for validation of the non-formal adult education and informal learning. The implementation is planned to take place not only during 2016 but also during the lifespan of the project up to 2018.

Responsible institution to implement National System for validation of the non-formal adult education and informal learning is Adult Education Centre. The system will be developed by the end of 2018 and after its piloting phase, its full implementation is expected in 2020.

Lifelong Learning Center supported by DVV International from Bonn will support and monitor the development of this system in the next three years. 

In line with Memorandum for understanding which was signed with the main project partner on macro level Adult Education Centre, a study visit was organised and took place in Slovenia from 23rd to 27th May.

Main purpose of this study trip was to acknowledge participants from Adult Education Centre with Slovenian validation system and good practices in its implementation. In addition it has strengthened the capacities of the staff in the new department for validation within the Adult Education Centre.   

Slovenian Institute for Adult Education developed the program and organized the study visit. In the frame of the program the participants had opportunity to visit institutions which implement Slovenian system and to learn from them about practical implementation. Participants had opportunity to exchange and learn from Vocational education and training Center, Institute for Adult education and National examination centre of Slovenia. Particular interest raised the visits at institutions for adult education which perform evaluation of competences and skills of the interested citizens.  


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