Within the project Adult-Reg through organization of the Transnational Project Meetings four Adult Education Programs were defined. The process was carried on during three transnational project meetings. Details on the process as part of each of the meetings is described below.

During the third Transnational Project Meeting which was held in premises of DVV International in Bonn, Germany from 24 to 25 of August 2016, analysis from the research on Regional Labour Market Needs performed in four regions in Romania and Macedonia were presented.  The research was carried on during the period May- July 2016. Project partners identified 18 potential AE programmes which were left to be discussed in details in the following meetings.  AE programs correspond to the labour market needs specific to the regions.


The fourth Transnational Project Meeting was held in Skopje, Macedonia in the premises of Lifelong Learning Center on 29 September 2016. The meeting was dedicated to the work on the first package of AE programs. The partners involved in the project worked on finalisation of the list of Adult Education Programs which are to be developed in the next implementation period. For the first package of AE programs, the partners together concluded the content and identified learning outcomes.

In addition, common structure of the AE programs was discussed and concluded.


Fifth Transnational Project Meeting was held in Bucharest Romania on 16th December 2016. Second package of the Adult Education Programs was defined in details. Specific modules and topics were identified for further development. Updates on the process for the first package of the Adult Education programs development was shared with the partners. The experts from DVV International provided insight and comments on the structure and the development of the programs.


Adult Education Programs which are currently in development stage and are in line with the research results are:

1. Southwest Region in Macedonia: 

  • Use of ICT Skills in Agriculture production
  • Job shadowing


2. Polog Region Macedonia:

  • Management of Agricultural Cooperatives
  • Personal Development


3. Northwest Region Romania:

  • Rural tourism
  • Organic farming and food production


4. Southwest region in Romania:

  • Civic Education
  • Development of personal employability skills 
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