Ohrid, 24.-27. April 2017; Based on the Memorandum for cooperation with the Adult Education Centre as main partner on macro level, first of the two planned training sessions for the staff of the Centre was organized between 24th and 27th of April in Ohrid, and was supported by DVV International from Bonn.
Training session about team management, conflict management and effective negotiations was attended by head of the units and younger assistants in the Adult Education Centre.
Through adequate methodologies including theoretical inputs, discussions and small group exercises, participants had opportunity to learn about processes for team management, leadership, phases in team development, communication, active listening, techniques and styles of negotiations.
Participants had opportunity to get real picture about what makes a team, what is a difference between a team and a group, what are the characteristics and how the process of team formation flows.
The work is with combination of lectures workshops and independent work of the participants. Presentations and other materials for learning were used during the training sessions. Participants were very interesting motivated and active during the training sessions. The final evaluation of the training process confirmed the success of the training.

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