Lifelong Learning Center in the frame of its support to Public Institution Adult Education Center in creation and establishment of the validation system (VNFIL), with financial support from DVV International from Bonn, FR Germany, supported series of activities. One of the activities planned for 2018 is the support in capacity building of human resources that which will be involved in the four phases of of VNFIL system.

In the period between 29.10 and 02.11.2018 training for accessors which will play key rome in the third phase of the VNFIL system in Macedonia,  was held. This training enabled future accessors, which are  representatives of all stakeholders in a validation system, to recognize the preconditions linked to VNFIL process development, to implement the VNFIL in cooperation with the other stakeholders in the process, to practice the communication and feedback methodologies, to take in account the tacit knowledge in the assessment and to develop and use portfolios in the process.

The participants received certificates for  beeing part of the training for for accessors in VNFIL. The training was provided by Anni Karttunen, Validation specialist from Finland, who have with her energy created synergy in the group and has provided lots of positive energy for the future acessors.



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