Bucharest, 27. – 31. May 2014; as part of this year's collaboration with the PI Center for Adult Education, DVV International organized a study tour for Center’s team in Bucharest, Romania. The purpose of this visit was to enable the Centre to get more familiar with the Romanian system and structure for adult education. Special emphasis was placed on the recognition of non-formal education, which the AEC from 2011 processes in Macedonia, for which of great importance were examples of good practice from other countries that will help in the implementation of the process.

Host of this visit was NGO EUROED, which organized and implemented the program. During a three-day visit to Bucharest and its surroundings, the team of the Center for Adult Education discussed with representatives of all relevant institutions in the field of adult education in Romania, such as the National Agency for Qualifications, Education Committee of the Romanian Parliament, with representatives of the Ministries of Education and culture etc.. At these meetings, colleagues exchanged information, opinions and experiences about the recognition of non-formal adult education in the both countries and discussed possible solutions to current issues and problems. Experts from AEC also had the opportunity to visit several providers of informal adult education in Bucharest, Horezu and Ramnicu Valcia, to inquire and learn about the processes and experiences regarding accreditation.

Representatives of the Center for Adult Education have evaluated this study tour as very useful and informative for their work and have shown initiative to implement a professional exchange with Romanian counterparts in Macedonia. This exchange of expertise will contribute greatly to accelerate and improve the implementation of the recognition of non-formal adult education in the country.

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