Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) fulfils its objectives through implementation of projects covering the following areas:

• Area 1: Support system and structures of adult education in the country

LLC supports the development and implementation of policies in the education sector supported through cooperation with all relevant state actors in adult education. Through the advisory role and capacity building, LLC plays an active role in the creation and development of legislative initiatives, strategies and processes for the design of adult education.

• Area 2: Contribution to the development of a culture of lifelong learning in Macedonia

Since 2002, LLC organizes the campaign "Days of lifelong learning" in Macedonia. This national education campaign has become a tradition and is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science, in collaboration with many different partners.

• Area 3: Professionalization of adult education in Macedonia and Southeast Europe

One of the priorities of the LLC’s project work in Macedonia and the region of Southeast Europe is to strengthen the capacity of adult educators. The aim is, through numerous courses and training on relevant topics to contribute to quality assurance in the further education of adults.

In this context, the Lifelong Learning Center coordinates national project in Macedonia, as well as so-called Andragogical Regional Academy in Southeast Europe.

• Area 4: Contribution to democratization and development of active citizenship in the country

Through measures of civic education for adults, LLC supports the development of democracy and the peaceful coexistence of different ethnic groups in Macedonia.

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