Cycle of trainings Curriculum globALE continued in October with realisation of the fifth module about “Planning, realisation and evaluation in Adult Education”. Training was held in the period between 25. - 28.10.2018 in Skopje. Training participants are teachers, managers. Representatives of the partner institutions of Lifelong Learning Center. The training was delivered from Prof. PhD Shefika Alibabik, regular professor at the Andragogy department in the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Serbia who is experienced expert and trainer that DVV International cooperates with in SEE. In the frame of this three day productive training, participants gained knowledge on the andragogy cycle and its phases: need analyses, planning based on the analyses, development of curricula aimed at competences.  In the frame of this training special accent was given to the process of organisation and training of adults as well and the challenges that are faced in this phase of the andragogy cycle.

Important segments of the training is the process of evaluation – methods, techniques, and tools which are used as well and the quality assurance and systems and standards for quality in adult education.  This training had positive working atmosphere and enabled exchange of ideas and experiences. This training kept the interest of the participants high and was evaluated as very useful. The training was held in the frame of the project supported by DVV International FROM Bonn Germany.

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