„Methods in adult education” was the subject of the fourth training session from Curriculum globALE, which was held between 20- 23 September in Berovo organised by Lifelong Learning Center and supported by DVV International from Bonn F.R Germany.  

Then training was delivered by PhD Emir Avdagic from Bosnia and Herzegovina who is expert on methods, communication, and management in Adult Education. Three day interactive training had aim to provide information, practical modern methods and tools for successful preparation and realisation of training for adults.  Accent was given to the interactive approach, and possibility through series of practical examples and working groups, participants to test and adopt the methods and use further in the everyday work in adult education. This is just part of the strong messages that came out from this training:

  • Interactive training is based on cooperation exchange and linking of the previous experiences of all students, in this process the trainer and the students are equal.
  • Successful adult training is based on taking and giving. From the group you will get as a trainer you will get back as much as you gave to the group.
  • There are trainers that nurture the love for power and there are trainers that use love as power.
  • Newer create training based on your own style. Methods needs to be adjusted to the group needs.

The training was held in a good atmosphere and have raised great interest among the participants. For us at Lifelong Learning Center as organisers this training was motivation to continue with our mission to build capacities of trainers and managers in adult education in our country and to have active contribution for rising quality of adult education programs, and promotion of adult education.

The atmosphere can be seen from the photo album, with the motto: a picture worth 100 words https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/fa5/1.5/16/1f642.png:)

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