Kicevo 10.06.2015; in cooperation between Lifelong Learning Center, Forum ZFD from Germany and Center for Community Development from Kicevo, with a support of DVV International form Bonn, a planning workshop was organized in order to define specific activities of the informal group called "it’s worth to be from Kicevo".

The work was divided between two groups and the following topics were covered: greater visibility of multiculturalism in Kicevo and increasing the quality of life in Kicevo.

As a result of the first group were defined two activities that will be implemented by the end of 2015.

Days of multiculturalism is an event that started last year and will continue this year too as expanded and enriched version in order to become a tradition.

The second activity is the preparation and publication of a brochure of Kicevo in which will be highlighted the rich history, culture and tradition of Kicevo as multicultural community.

The second group identified activity that relates to better information of the citizens about the opportunities for citizen participation in the municipality work, their rights and ways to realize them through the municipality according its jurisdiction.

After this workshop follows a detailed elaboration of ideas and their implementation.


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