Kicevo, 17.10.2015; Within the partnership project for active citizenship and education of community mediators in the municipality of Kicevo, the Center for Lifelong Learning - Skopje, with the support of DVV International – Bonn and in cooperation with partner organizations, the Center for Community Development - Kicevo, Forum Civil Peace Service - Skopje and the group Vredit to be from Kicevo (It’s worth to be from Kicevo), organized an Open Multicultural Day in the municipality of Kicevo on the 17.10.2015 for the second time in a row. Together in one place, the citizens of six ethnic communities, Macedonians, Albanians, Serbs, Roma, Vlachs and Turks presented themselves in folk costumes, prepared traditional culinary specialties and children from the primary schools performed folk dances specific to each ethnic group. The program was enriched with a theatrical performance, i.e. a simulation of mediation, a presentation of local NGOs, an exhibition of publications, photo exhibition and traditional musical instruments. The event was attended by the media. This event aims to support ethnic communities in the municipality and be a good example of coexistence in a multicultural environment.



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