Кicevo,13.10.2016; In the frame of this year’s manifestation Lifelong Learning Days, the main event in municipality of Kicevo was held on 13th October. The Panel “Possibilities for adult education – Lifelong learning in society” was organized by the Community Development Center Kicevo, with financial support from DVV International from Bonn Germany. During the panel, participants were acknowledged about available possibilities for lifelong learning in municipality Kicevo, about role and means of support which are provided by relevant institutions, and about the policies for development of adult education system in Macedonia.

Lifelong learning days have been held under auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science for thirteen years so far. This time in Kicevo, Minister for Education and Science Mr. Pishtar Ljatifi, presented the Government’s aims to strengthen the system for adult education and develop a national strategy for lifelong learning.

Adult Education Center have presented its role, responsibilities, and the process of verification that is applied for adult education programs and to institutions that are providing adult education.

Lifelong Learning Center have presented its role in development of adult education in Macedonia and promotion of lifelong learning.

Participants had opportunity to get clear picture about adult education policies and used the occasion to exchange through discussions with representatives from the institutions responsible for Adult education.

The event was covered by the media and it has raised interest among wider audience.

During the Lifelong learning Days in Kicevo, a training which was organized by Community development center, took place. Twenty representatives from local NGOs, community councils, local government, local organizations, institutions, and citizens were trained about project management and  have improved their skills for planning and writing of project proposals. 

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