Lifelong learning Center in coordination with the partners involved in the project Addressing the Regional Labour Market Needs through Development and Certification of New Programs for Adult Education, Adult – Reg, funded by ERASMUS + Programme of the European Union, has implemented series of actions and activities in the last period.

Learning Activity:  Training on development of Adult Education Programs was held in premises of DVV International in Bonn Germany, from 19th to 24th of March. Training has provided participants with common knowledge on the AE Programs development. Learning activity was accompanied with visits to German practitioners in the area of Adult Education. Visits to VHS Rhein- Sieg, and Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung BiBB provided insight on linkages of AE programs and labour market needs in Germany. The participants had chance also to see the premises of VHS Köln.

The learning activity has provided opportunity the participants to work together on development of AE program at working groups, and later discuss and exchange. 

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Second Transnational Project Meeting dedicated to Research Design and Planning took place in Bucharest from 8th to 11th of April. During the meeting the partners have discussed the methodologies and design of the assessment and research together with the research provider. The start of the research was planned and started in May and will end with production of the Assessment report as first Intellectual output coming from the project at the end of August 2016. The project team engaged to work on this Intellectual Output supports the professional research provider with inputs that will contribute to the quality Assessment report.

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Three leaflet produced in three languages Romanian, Macedonian and English serves to inform the public in the regions involved in the project during the research and assessment activities. The leaflet includes general information about the project. 


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