Skopje, 19.05.2016; This year the manifestation “Days of lifelong learning 2016” will be organised for 13th time. It will be held in October and its aim is to raise awareness about lifelong learning among stakeholders and citizens. On 19th of May, Lifelong Learning Center organised first meeting where the topics, activities and objectives for the manifestation, were discussed and agreed upon. Main partner of Lifelong Learning Center’s in the organisation of the Days of Lifelong Learning is the Public institution Center for Adult Education. This year, as in the previous years, more partners have expressed their interest and initiatives to enrich the programme of the manifestation. Open Civic University Joska Sveštarot from Strumica, Open Civic University Kuzman Šhapkarev from Ohrid, Alliance for Development of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning from Tetovo and the Center for Community development in Kičevo will take part in the organisation of the festival.  


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