Skopje, 25.01.2017; The emphasis of the project work at macro level during 2017 will be placed on the support to development of the national Validation system for non-formal and informal learning. Lifelong Learning Center with the financial support from DVV International from Bonn, Germany will support and follow the development of the system in the next 2 years.

Responsible for implementation of the system will be public institution Adult Education Centre. The system should be developed by the end of 2018, and after its piloting should be forced in 2020.

During 2016 Lifelong Learning Center in the frame of the bilateral cooperation and support for Adult Education Centre, organised study visit in Slovenia in order to acknowledge the Slovenian system for validation of prior learning. In addition it supported the participation at the international conference for validation organised by CEDEFOP in Thessaloniki Greece. Representatives from Adult Education Centre with on the Conference had opportunity to obtain knowledge and information about validation practices and processes in European Countries. The Conference was utilised as opportunity for exchange of experiences and networking in order to enable realisation of validation related activities, which are planned to be realised until 2018 on national level.

In the frame of the support of design and establishment of the national validation system in Macedonia, analyses which has aim to support the definition of functional and sustainable validation system of formal and informal learning. A comparative analyses of the national institutional frameworks, procedures and instruments for validation of non-formal and informal learning in line with the European ones was performed through consultation with main stakeholders in the education sector in Macedonia. The recommendations for Macedonian context were integrated in the analyses including utilisation of current good practices.

In relation to this matter Lifelong Learning Center and Public Institution Adult Education Centre on 25thof January 2017 organized consultative meeting for presentation of the results from draft analyses: “Examples for validation of non-formal adult education and informal learning from EU countries and recommendations for Macedonia”. The meeting was attended by representatives from state institutions involved, Non-governmental organizations and Open civic universities for lifelong learning who gave their contribution with comments, suggestions and notes.

The conclusions form the meeting stressed that main pre-conditions to introduce a high-quality validation is to have reliable, clear, sustainable and functional solutions. They have to be informative, provide guidance and counseling, to enable stakeholder’s coordination, establish linkages with national systems and qualification frameworks, learning standards and results, quality assurance and professional competences of the practitioners.

Optimal usage of national capacities and potentials is of great importance for creation of sustainable validation of non-formal and informal learning in Macedonia. 

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