Lifelong Learning Center together with DVV International in the consortium led by British Council, started with implementation of the project Enhancing Lifelong Learning through modernising the vocational education and training in adult education systems. The project is funded under IPA Operational Programme “Human Resource Development” EuropeAid/135834/IH/SER/MK.

Beneficiary of the project is Ministry of Education and Science.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the strengthening of a comprehensive and integrated Lifelong Learning system, with focus on Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, by establishing a dynamic correlation between education and the changes of both the social sphere and the labour market.

The components of the project include:

Component 1: Strengthening of the Vocational Education and Training system in close cooperation with the private sector and social partners. The process will entail relevant strategies, by reforming the curricula for the vocational education. Reforms will be based on assessments of the labour market needs and by strengthening/establishment of capacities of career centres in VET schools and the process of career counselling.

Component 2: Strengthening of the Adult Education system on local level country wide. The process will be done through close cooperation with local actors through assessments, programme designs, building up capacities for the trainers and provision of relevant training materials, development of models/concepts for establishment and functioning of public adult education institutions on local level, and preparation of new strategic document in the area of Adult Education.

Component 3: Development of a National Strategy for Lifelong Learning by strengthening of the overall capacity of national system for lifelong learning with specific attention to Vocational Education and training and Adult Education. The process will include assessments of the current situation, which will provide inputs for building and strengthening the capacity of the national institutions and other relevant stakeholders in developing and managing a national system for Lifelong Learning with particular attention to VET and Adult Education.

Component 4: In addition the project will provide Monitoring and Evaluation Database and Information Management System for VET and AE, and teaching material and teaching equipment for VET schools, as well as equipment for career centres.

Component 5: Public awareness activities will be undertaken by the project to raise the general understanding about the attractiveness and the opportunities offered by the programmes for Vocational Education and Training and for Adult Education (and Adult Education providers).

Target groups of the project are: Ministry of Education and Science; Ministry of Labour and Social Policy; Centre for Vocational Education and Training; Vocational Education and Training schools; Adult Education Centre; Adult Education providers; Bureau for Development of Education; National Examination Centre; State Educational Inspectorate; State Statistical Office; Universities and Higher Educational Institutions; Local self-government units; Employers’ associations; Chambers;  Parents and students; Civil society organisations.  

The project budget is EUR 1,972.500,00

The project started on 20 January 2016 and will be implemented within 22 months, until 20 November 2017.

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