Open Civic University - Negotino

Civil Open University "Negotino" a center for education, training, qualification and retraining. It is the only institution in the field of adult education in our municipality. The development of this institution has raised rapidly from modest and independent organization in 1991, today our University has grown into a regional center in the country.

OCU "Negotino" its educational services conducts in several municipalities. Training organized is consisted of theory and practice. Program content that we offer can be divided into five parts:

1. Vocational adult education - fire protection, training of workers for securing people and property, welders, training for handling construction machines (forklift and crane operators), cooks, waiters, confectioners, mechanics, locksmiths, chassis mechanics, TV mechanics, handlers of steam boilers, nurses, hairdressers, beauticians, accounting and computer education fifth level (education specialist).

2. Foreign languages (English, German, French, Greek, etc.).

3. Informatics technology education - starting courses on handling computers (Windows, Word, Excel and internet) and advanced courses (COREL DRAW, web design, etc.).

4. Primary adult education - for people over 16, who have not formed a basic education.

5. Safety and Health at Work - Training for Safety and Health at Work and risk assessment in the workplace by developing the concept of a safety statement on the authority of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy (Decision no. 07-7157 / 6 25.02 .2013).

Premises PCU Negotino are located in the city center, within which there are more rooms for organized instruction and training, as well as additional rooms and offices with a working area of about 170 m2.

In our organization, other than regular employees, work 5 external collaborators who are experts in each of their fields and are involved in the teaching and learning process.

Open civic university, by its activity, as well as through various projects (financially supported by the Agency for Privatization, the Chamber of protection of property and persons, UNDP, FIOM, USAID (Prism), "E-Macedonia" - Foundation of Macedonian Telecommunications, Municipality Negotino, Macedonian Red Cross and others) contributed to the reduction of unemployment in our community and region, as well as the development of small and medium enterprises.

Human resources

The activity of the institution realize 11 employees of which:

One management position,

4 experts,

3 Teaching and educational workers

3 administrative and technical workers

Contacts: Open University civil "Negotino" - Negotino

St. "Dame Gruev" bb, 1440 Negotino, Macedonia

Contact: Solakov Kostadinov Director

Phone: +389 43 365 344

tel / fax: +389 43 361632

Mobile: +389 75 422435