Open Civic University “Kuzman Shapkarev"- Ohrid

Open Civic University for lifelong learning “Kuzman Shapkarev"- Ohrid was founded in 1954 by union organizations in Ohrid for the needs of the workers. In the period from 1958 to 1959 the University worked as part of the House of Culture, and since February 1960 until now it works as an independent legal entity. At the very beginning in the core business activities were included qualification of workers, mass population lectures, workshops and training courses.

In the sixties it begins with literacy of population in Ohrid and the surrounding villages as regular and special classes whose number than was 2820. In that times the University vas the only institution that organized education to reduce illiteracy and training of persons to engage in modern mainstream society.

In the seventies the University had students in secondary and higher education classes. This period is considered as the most successful in the existence of Open Civic University for Lifelong Learning because it covered all forms (formal and non-formal) and levels of education.

By the establishment of the system of education in our country, only the basics of adult education and non-formal education is present in the University. Following modern trends it started organizing foreign language courses for youth and adults, whose number has reached over 7000 listeners. Later in professional courses and courses in computer science 1400 students were educated.

From the aforementioned, Open Civic University “Kuzman Shapkarev"- Ohrid from its foundation until now has extensive experience in formal and non-formal education. Sixty years of existence is due to the going a step before reforms in education, and due to collusion with market needs and the needs of citizens to increase their knowledge, skills and competencies, which is a prerequisite for selection and competitiveness of our and foreign labor markets.

It is necessary to point out that over the years until the beginning of 2000, only basic adult education has been financed by the public money. From then until today “Kuzman Shapkarev"- Ohrid is the self-financed institution.

The adoption of the Law on Open civic universities and Council Decision of the Municipality of Ohrid  “Kuzman Shapkarev"- Ohrid re-register in accordance with the adopted law in an open public municipal civil University for lifelong learning “Kuzman Shapkarev" - Ohrid, as self-financed organization .

 “Kuzman Shapkarev” - Ohrid has three full time employees: director with completed Faculty of Law, an accountant with the secondary school of economics and cleaner-courier with elementary school.

The seat is at the address Bul.Turistichka No.79, 6000 Ohrid, Macedonia.

Phones and mobile contact+389 46 262 210 +389 78-619 742