Open Civic University "Krste Misirkov" - Bitola

Open Civic University "Krste Misirkov" - Bitola, as andragogical educational institution was founded on 10.22.1957 by the National Board of Bitola municipality. In its, nearly six decades of work, this institution has developed a wide range of diverse educational activities, which always corresponded to the needs of citizens. More than half a million people received services from various industries organized by the University. The early activities of the University were primarily of cultural educational character (organizing seminars to educate the public, literary readings, theatre performances, musical performances, panel discussions, lectures, etc.), to gradually expand the organization and implementation of numerous forms of general education (foreign languages, ITC education etc.), as well as vocational education, qualification, requalification and numerous other activities.

Today, the activities of the Open Civic University "Krste Misirkov" - Bitola, realize the plan of general and vocational education:

1. courses for hairdressers, upgrade nails, professional make-up, cosmetics, physiotherapy and massage aesthetic, tailoring, plumbers, paramedics, Housemaster and other occupations for which there is interest among citizens;

2. Extraordinary examination on foreign languages and computers;

3. Extraordinary examination on vocational education;

4. Extraordinary examination on primary education for adults;

Open Civic University "Krste Misirkov" - Bitola is located in the centre of Bitola.

Street. "Ruzvelt" No.5., 7000 Bitola, Macedonia

Contact Person:

Dobre Ilijovski mob: +389 75 630 107

Blagojce Jovanovski mob: +389 75 357 363

Contact tel: + 389 47 232 012