Open Civic University "Blagoj Strachkovski" - Veles

Open Civic University "Blagoj Strachkovski" - Veles works in a building built in 1935 and is located on street "Kersnensko Vostanie" No.1, 1400 Veles, Macedonia.

The facility is located neighbouring to two elementary schools and one special primary school "Maca Ovcarova" or rather near the main market in Veles.

OCU "Blagoj Strachkovski" Veles was established and operates from 13.01.1954 year and its activity is to organize through various forms of courses for the citizens, their re-qualification, and qualification and fulfil their general education and vocational training. Today the University operates through its two centres for education, such as:

• Centre for Vocational Adult Education

• Centre for Primary Adult Education

It is notable that our students are from different nationalities such as Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Roma, Serbs, Vlachs and others. According to our surveys and research that we do every year, more than 70% of participants become self-employed or employed by the thanks to the education they received through the University.

From 01.03.2001 year stopped partial funding by the Ministry of Education and from then until today the University is 100% self-financing. Our existence and action is evidence of our successful transformation which as Open Civic University had to be done to sustain and to face new challenges and needs of the citizens of our municipality and beyond. For this purpose the University made and fitted training cabinets for various occupations. Funds for equipment, maintenance and renovation of the building in which we work are exclusively from our own sources and donations from various projects that derived from our long-standing cooperation with various foreign and domestic governmental and non-governmental organizations.

From the current status of the entity issued by the Central Registry of the Republic Macedonia can be seen that our founder is the Assembly of the Municipality of Veles from 21.12.1965 year until today. Our primary business is adult education and other education which is under the code 85.59 in the national classification of economic activities.

The field in which we conduct trainings depends on the interest of the citizens, this trainings are in groups or individually, depending on the trade or occupation. Currently we do individual training (individual instruction and practice) for the following professions: hairdressers, beauticians, nurses, caregivers of children, nurses for the elderly at home, occupations of electro-mechanical engineering such as electricians, welders, locksmiths and others. Also we conduct trainings in catering service occupations such as: chef waiter, bartender, baker, confectioner, butcher.

Through the Centre for Primary Education we perform preparatory and advisory classes for primary adult education and through exams interested citizens can complete their primary education.


"Kersnensko Vostanie" No.1, 1400 Veles, Macedonia

tel: +389 43 233 153

mob: +389 70 715 391