Open Civic University for adult education "Joska Svestarot" - Strumica

OCU "Joska Svestarot" - Strumica exists since 1953 as Workers' University, until 2012 when, under the open civic universities LLP, is transformed into an open civil University for Lifelong Learning.

During the more than six decades of existence, in the centre of civic Open University "Joska Svestarot" is non-formal education for adults and youth. Educational forms of non-formal education are divided into two main categories:

  • General Education
  • Vocational education

  General education consists of course forms:

  • Foreign languages
  • Informatics

The course forms for foreign languages are among the most visited. These courses are attended by both young and old, but the interest among the younger population is significantly higher than that of adults. The program of these courses is consisted by the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • French

The courses are organized into four levels, up to B2 according to the European Language Framework. Each level consists of two modules. At the end of each module candidates are taking the exam and acquire a certificate for the relevant degree. Open Civic University "Joska Svestarot" organizes preparatory courses on taking international exams: TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, DaF...

Computer courses are based on the most wanted computer applications, so the in ICT program are the following courses:

  • Windows + Internet
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Power Point
  • Mini Office (Windows / Internet / Word / Excel)
  • Business Office (Windows / Internet / Word / Excel / Power Point)
  • Graphic design (Corel Draw / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photo Shop)...

OCU "Joska Svestarot" also implements tests to check already gained knowledge in a foreign language or a specific computer skills, for issuing a certificate.

Vocational education training mostly covers special programs for job training. Biggest interest is on the training for occupations that offer opportunities for self-employment as: beauticians, hairdressers, manicure and pedicure, masseuse, accountants, paramedic, cooks, bakers, forklift operator...

Training primarily rely on practical training which is performed in appropriately equipped rooms, or in companies that Open Civic University has sign cooperation agreement with. At the end of the training students take the final exam, through which candidates are gaining certification.

Some of the programs are verified by the Center for Adult Education.

OCU "Joska Svestarot" also implements tests to check the acquired knowledge and skills of certain professions for people who already have extensive experience in a particular occupation (minimum two years) and require proper document that would prove their knowledge.

Many of the programs have electronic support that can be found on the e-learning portal ( In fact some of the courses are mainly conducted using ICT tools from e-learning portal, such as language courses for adults and ITC. Part of the training for vocational education, however also use e-learning as an additional method.

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