Current projects

Project 1: Supporting Adult Education in transformation countries and in the region of Southeast Europe, Caucasus and Turkey

Supported by: DVV International from Bonn, FR Germany, with financial support of the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany  

Project duration: 2016 – 2018   

Overall objective: Contribution to the rise of effectiveness and efficiency of the Adult Education System in the Republic of Macedonia. 


Project 2: Enhancing Lifelong Learning through modernizing the VET and Adult Education Systems

Financed by: EU – IPA

Project partners: British Council, DVV International - Bonn

Project duration: 22 months

Overall objective: Contribution to the strengthening of an integrated system of lifelong learning, with a focus on vocational education and training (VET), and adult education, by establishing a connection between education and labour market.  


Project 3: Addressing the regional labor market needs through development and certification of new adult education programmes

Financed by: EU – ERASMUS+ Key Action 2: Strategic partnerships  

Project partners: Community Development Institute – Tetovo, Open Civic University for lifelong learning "Joska Svestarot" - Strumica, EuroED Association - Bucharest, Popular school of art and craft - Ramnicu Valcea, County Library “Gheorghe Sincai“ – Oradea, DVV International - Bonn 

Project duration: 24 months

Overall objective: Contribution to the development of good practice examples for the coverage of the local labor market requirements and qualified workers (Region Polog and Strumica) by developing programs for further education of adults.


Project 4: Lifelong@Learning

Financed by: EU – ERASMUS+ Key Action 2: Strategic partnerships  

Project partners: Community Development Institute from Tetovo, Macedonia which is a coordinator of the project, Volkshochschule Hannover from Hannover, Germany, La Ligue De L’enseignement from Paris, France and Inercia Digital from Huelva, Spain.

Project duration: 1st September 2016 - 28th February 2018

Overall objective: Develop an educational guide for fostering the implementation of online-learning on the basis of exchanging good practices between the partners and the pilot-training with educators and trainer. The proposed course is based on good distance learning and teaching practices and is the outcome of the combination of methodologies deriving from the multidisciplinary approach of the members of the partnership as well as from the experience gained during the teaching in the various participating countries.