Thessaloniki, 27. – 30.11.2016; Lifelong Learning Center in the frame of bilateral cooperation and support which is provided to Adult Education Center with financial support from DVV International from Bonn assisted participation of key staff from Adult Education Center at International Conference How to Make learning visible, Strategies for implementing validation of non-formal and informal learning which was held from 28th to 29th of November 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The conference was organised by European Centre for the development of Vocational Training – Cedefop in the frame of the European week for vocational skills 2016 - Discover your talent.

One of the aims of Adult Education Center is to integrate of non-formal and informal learning in the system of education and training and to enable learning results to be integrated in the National Qualification Framework.  Representatives from Adult Education Center With on the Conference had opportunity to obtain knowledge and information about validation practices and processes in European Countries. The Conference was utilised as opportunity for exchange of experiences and networking in order to enable realisation of validation related activities, which are planned to be realised until 2018 on national level.

The Conference was a place where eminent representatives as decision makers, experts who work on validation processes, researchers, and other stakeholders included in the process have participated.  Validation of non-formal and informal learning is a process through which the unique learning becomes visible and important. It enables progress of the people in their careers in line with their prior experiences from different learning processes. The aim of validation is to utilise results of the prior learning into further employment and education.

Besides the policy requirements set in the Councils’ recommendation for validation of non-formal and informal learning from 2012, European register for validation of non-formal and informal learning from 2014 indicates that there is still a long road to achieve what has been recommended.  Additional efforts are required in order to set the validation and its functionality in a way to be recognised within the employment and education systems. European Centre for the development of Vocational Training – Cedefop, works systematically on issues related to validation and therefore it has organised this conference as possibility to reflect the long-term development by putting focus on what was achieved so far and what need to be undertaken in the future. The conference organised with European Commission have successfully addressed challenges in the light of set deadlines for 2018, to provide support for the national systems for validation. Apart from the participants from EU countries, participants from Canada and New Zealand presented their validation systems and challenges they face with implementation. The participants have been involved in working sessions which were dedicated to Validation for Migrants, Validation of unemployed or persons at risk of unemployment, Validation for low qualified adults, Validation for people in employment. More detailed reports from the conference might be found here:  


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