Examples of good practice and opportunities for cooperation in the field of adult education between Macedonia and Kosovo
Skopje, 26.-27.11.2015; Within the regional project cooperation of DVV International  south-eastern Europe, a bilateral exchange of experts between the Republic of Kosovo and Macedonia was held in Skopje on the 26th and the 27th November 2015, organized by the Center for Lifelong Learning - Skopje. This exchange was organized for the second time. 

Last year, the exchange had focused on non-formal vocational adult education. This year the emphasis was on examples of good practice in the field of adult education.During the two meetings, 9 participants attended - representatives of various governmental and non-governmental organizations.In the first meeting in Skopje, the participants had the opportunity to learn a few different examples and activities implemented in the country and to discuss about them. 

Within this presentation, the Center for Lifelong Learning presented their work to colleagues from Kosovo. The introduction of a global curriculum for educational work with adults - Curriculum globALE aroused great interest among the participants, since in Kosovo, the pilot phase of the introduction of the teaching curriculum is also being implemented at the moment. Therefore, this meeting was a good opportunity to exchange opinions. The representatives of the Centre for adult education presented the current project for recognition of programs for educational work with adults, which are demanded on the labour market. In the framework of the bilateral expert exchange, participants from Kosovo visited the Traffic School Centre "Boro Petruševski" from Skopje and the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce, where they receives detailed information on their work, priorities and challenges. In this context, colleagues from both countries identified further points for cooperation on common projects.

The visit was rated as very successful with great potential for future cooperation between the two countries and an agreement for a return visit in Kosovo, which will be held on the 02nd and 3rd of December this year.
This bilateral exchange between experts in the field of adult education in Macedonia and Kosovo is a form of activity that has benefits on multiple levels. On a professional level, it aims towards intensification of exchange of knowledge, opinions and good practices between experts in adult education, increasing their individual capacities and the capacities of their institutions.

Also, it contributes to closer cooperation between Macedonia and Kosovo as neighbouring countries. The bilateral exchange also gives a good chance for intercultural learning and an introduction of the culture and tradition of the neighbours.

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