Veles, 10. - 12.11.2017; Lifelong Learning Center with financial support from DVV International, from Bonn, Germany (, in the period between 10th and 12th of November, within its Andragogy School, has started the new training cycle of Curriculum globALE. Curriculum globALE is basic qualification framework for educators in adult education worldwide. By securing common approach that links all continents, Curriculum globALE is unique in enhancing professionalization of adult educators on international level.  Target group of Andragogy School trainings include teachers, trainers, and educators who work with adult learners. 

The training was carried out by Prof. Zoran Velkovski PhD, from the Institute of Pedagogy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. First series of the training included introductory module and fist module of the programme titled Approach to adult education. The training included combinations of lectures, workshop and individual work of the participants. Presentation and complementary education materials were used. Participants were active and interested. Which was confirmed by the final evaluation of the training. The participants also received links to additional literature to expand their knowledge in the topics of their particular interest.

This project will contribute to the professionalization of adult educators, which will raise the quality of adult education in the country. 

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