Ohrid, 28 - 31.05.2015; Lifelong Learning Center with the support of DVV International from Bonn, from 28 to 31 May, organized the fourth cycle of the training series, covering the fourth module of the global curriculum for educational work with adults, Curriculum globALE. In this module, participants had the opportunity to learn about the principles of learning in adult education, the role of educator, forms of learning in adult education, processing forms of vertical and horizontal learning, group form of teaching, teaching in pairs or tandem and individual form of teaching. In the second part of the training types of learning techniques were presented, including: lecture, demonstration, lecture unit, discussion, tutoring, workshops, project, case study and finally were elaborated methods and techniques for successful self-learning. Once again, the participants were highly motivated and actively participated in practical exercises. The participants remaining two more training modules, 5th and one electoral module to complete the andragogical qualification of this pilot project.


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