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The Lifelong Learning Center accomplishes projects in the field of adult education and lifelong learning as an umbrella organization that unites and supports the interests of the various providers of non-formal adult education in the Republic of Macedonia and strengthens their organizational capacity. The experience, knowledge and potential, which the team in this Center own, is aimed at contributing to the further development of adult education and lifelong learning in the Republic of Macedonia.




  • Development of adult education in the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Professionalization of adult education;
  • Implementation of projects to improve and promote adult education and lifelong learning in the Republic of Macedonia and South-eastern Europe;
  • Organization and realization of various types of forms for adult training;
  • Raising initiatives to conveying normative acts (laws, strategies, agreements, etc.);
  • Activities of general and common interest;
  • Publishing;
  • Research;
  • Cooperation on national, regional and international level.

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