Skopje, 28.11.2014; Festival of Learning - a campaign that celebrates the culture of learning in Macedonia, has become a tradition. This year, for the 11th time, from 18.11 to 05.12.2014 a series of events in five different cities across the country will be held.

This project is implemented by the Lifelong Learning Centre - Skopje with financial support from DVV International Bonn, Germany.

The main partner of the Lifelong Learning Centre is Public Institution Center for Adult Education, which in 2011 joined in this campaign. Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia as patron of this campaign, as each year, is supporting the event.

This year, more partners of the Lifelong Learning Centre have shown interest and initiative, with various events throughout the country, to enrich the program of the Days of lifelong learning. Open civic university for lifelong learning "Koco Racin" - Skopje, Open civic university for lifelong learning "Joska Svestarot" - Strumica, Open civic university for lifelong learning – Bitola, Workers University - Negotino and Alliance for Development of adult education - Tetovo host events organized in order to increase awareness of the importance of lifelong learning among citizens in their communities.

On 18.11.2014 the opening ceremony of the Days of lifelong learning was held. Minister for Education and Science with his presence and speech, on behalf of the Government, welcomed the idea of developing a culture of learning through such events as the festival of learning and said he would continue the support from the decision maker’s side.

Activities held in Negotino, Skopje, Strumica, Bitola and Tetovo were implemented successfully. These events caused great interest among the general public and the media. On 5 December 2014, the eleventh Days of lifelong learning will be closed with an art exhibition in Strumica.

The Festival of Learning, as tradition and effective measure, will be organized next year, too.



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